Easy China Purchasing/ Sourcing Guide

Here in HBK Global Trading, we see to it that everything is done in a simple and straightforward manner. And because your business is our business, we would like to keep this as short and as straightforward as possible. We have posted several guides in the past and this is the most simple and effective approach of them all. Purchasing and importing from China has always been the main concern of new buyers and importers that just wants to get their [...]

Purchasing / Sourcing guide for all beginners

Before we get started, here are the two websites where 90-95% of our clients do their sourcing: - This is for wholesale / bulk purchases - This is for retail / small quantity purchases There are other online websites but let's just discuss about these two which are commonly used. Both websites are very useful if you're shopping around for the lowest price of that certain item you're looking for and ultimately where to purchase it. The first step we often want to [...]

Gadgets Galore! Ship all your gadgets from China for only P1,995.00

Gadgets Galore! Have all your gadgets purchased from China packed in one box for a flat shipping rate of P1,995 ONLY! As gadgets' packaging becomes smaller, the more gadgets we can fit in a small box. Why wait for the item to become available here in the Philippines when you can have your gadget shipped here direct from the world's factory - China ? Hurry..Ship Now! Call us for details. Mechanics 1) Box maximum size should be 10" x 10" x 10". 2) We will [...]

China buying season 2016

We are already in the last quarter of 2016. How time flies! Just in case you are new in the importing world, now is buying season for the upcoming holidays. Shop now before it's too late! In just a few weeks, our seasonal importers will be flooding and congesting our ports, hence the delays so we suggest you do your China shopping now. Should you have any questions, just contact us. As always, happy shopping!

Alibaba Purchasing Guide

Alibaba and Aliexpress are basically the same and is owned by the same company. The only difference is that Aliexpress is geared towards retail shoppers (which is why prices are displayed) and Alibaba for wholesale/bulk buyers (which is why price isn't displayed as it is negotiable depending on your quantity). Take note that this guide is for you to be able to purchase from this website while at the same time use our hassle free and easy service. Now let's move [...]

HBK Global trading three step China import shipping in Manila

It is as simple as buying from the mall, even better because theres no parking, no traffic, just the all time hassle of choosing the right product. With the help of HBK Global Trading a shipping manila partner you dont have to worry about the things we that can baffle even the smartest amongst us, the Philippine customs. Its so easy like 123, choose a product and buy it, ship it with HBK Global Trading, pick it up. Make [...]

Aliexpress Purchasing Guide (updated)

We are all used to online shopping wherein you find the item, click on it, and buy. This will be the usual setup and it can be easily done here in Aliexpress but since we want to be using our service, there are just a few additional steps we have to make. Our main goal here is to communicate with the seller and inquire if he/she can ship locally to our warehouse in China. As always, don't hesitate to get in [...]

G20 Summit in Hangzhou

-------Advisory--------     Our consolidation service in China will be temporarily unavailable starting August til September 15. We cannot accept shipments from the consolidation warehouse ONLY as there won't be any shipping services due to G20 Summit which will be held in Hangzhou where our consolidation warehouse is located.   Guangzhou and Yiwu warehouse however will still be operating as usual.   We will keep everyone posted.    

Ship Alibaba or Aliexpress items to the Philippines

  Ever wanted to buy something from Alibaba or aliexpress and want it shipped here in the Philippines? We can do it for you. Just visit our website's faq at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> or simply get in touch with us. &nbsp; We make the process as simple as 1-2-3!