Did you know?? – individual importation price limit

Did you know?? – individual importation price limit

Did you know that an individual is only allowed up to a maximum of $500 worth of items?


Most of first time buyers that acquire their goods from overseas aren’t aware of this fact. And since this information can’t be acquired simply just by doing our everyday tasks or is announced publicly, it becomes a trap or a pricey and arduous ordeal when this first time importer is about to clear his/her items in Customs. Usually Philippine Customs will ask for an import license if total amount of your goods is equal or above $500 already. Since a first time buyer isn’t aware of these facts, exploitation happens and the rest is history.


As this is the case, it only means that you can only import cheap/inexpensive stuff and in small quantities, but if you plan on running even a small business, forget about it!


Can I use Balikbayan box instead?


– Balikbayan boxes are intended to be for personal effects and with non-commercial quantity of goods. Should Philippine Customs see that the quantity is way beyond personal consumption, your box will be seized.


How is HBK Global Trading useful in importation since there is a $500 limit for individuals?


– Our services is geared towards small and medium sized businesses, and as such, we are to assist these entities and import their items for them. By using our services, they do not need to worry about price and quantity limits, because of course, we all know we can’t run a business if we’re just limited to $500 worth of goods. Last but not the least, we take care of everything until the item gets here ni Manila.



We are always here so that shipping and importation is as easy as 1-2-3.





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