Familiarizing yourself with online shopping in China

Familiarizing yourself with online shopping in China

Thinking of importing from China for your business or personal needs? China’s online retail/wholesale suppliers aren’t as scary as you think. A lot has changed in the past few years in screening who the reliable ones are. And best of all, they are very good in the english language (some are still under the impression that only a few chinese knows english). Once you have chosen your products, inquire for that specific item with several suppliers simultaneously so you can get the best price and within your budget.

Now where to go for a great supplier? Personally, if I need to buy something in bulk quantity then I’d go for Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com for single or several pieces of an item. Both B2B websites are reliable as 95-99% of chinese suppliers were already screened by Alibaba.

Alibaba’s Gold supplier list is still the most reliable array of suppliers from China. If you are planning to go elsewhere, Hotpicks, Shopzilla, Amazon, Ebay, mySimon, and Kaboodle of China are other online China retail shopping sites that have their own niche as well. Aliexpress is by far the most competitive.

Always make sure to ask your supplier if something is not clear with you as it is better to ask than be sorry later on. Alternatively, you may also contacts us at +639178338008 / +639228378008 or maybe drop us an email and ask us of our opinion or suggestion on something that you or your supplier can’t decide on as we have a vast experience in the purchasing and importing.

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