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This is a very common question. First of all because most of us knows that in online shopping, to complete the checkout process you have to finish two more steps to finalize the transaction. – You need to fill up the address and lastly credit card for payment.

The above process is the usual scenario any online buyer would do if they will be using any of the conventional shipping methods (via air/sea) and if they will import the items themselves.

However, to be able to use our service, we need to do a bit of communication and coordination with the seller/supplier rather than leaving everything in the automated checkout process. There’s two reasons for this:

1) Aliexpress DOES NOT accept chinese characters in their address field in checkout. Our China warehouse address requires chinese characters.

2) Since #1 is already a problem, you can’t proceed further in having your payment processed.

If you already have items in your shopping cart, surely you’ll need to be able to pay for it. Don’t worry, your supplier is more than capable to assist you so the payment process and shipping address could be finalized, just communicate with them instead on relying at the automated process of online shopping.

No. We just accept boxes from your suppliers regardless of their weight and size. You will receive your item just the way we got them in our China warehouse. It may be as small as a shoe box or as big as a car (no we cannot ship a car, we’re just using its size for comparison purposes only), as long as it can fit in a 40 foot container, we will get that item here for you.

Yes, it definitely is possible. Please click here

Leave it to us. Whatever documentations and other requirements needed will be taken care of. You will not be bothered with ANY concerns that is related in clearing your items. All you have to do after placing your order with your supplier is to wait until the item is ready for pickup in our warehouse.

That’s easy. DO NOT finalize the payment yet as you won’t be using any of those couriers. Communicate with the supplier and tell him/her that your item will be shipped locally within China (our warehouse) so therefore the shipping rate should be way lower and the courier they will be using for that isn’t included in that list. Once they are informed, they will edit the final price that should be settled to finalize your checkout process.

No we are not but we deal with them so you don’t have to. Just sit back, relax and wait for your item.

Yes but as mentioned above, we go the extra mile by taking care of customs requirements. Usually forwarders just take care of getting things from one place to another and customs brokers just take care of clearing imported items. HBK Global Trading takes care of both so that our client can just sit back and wait for their item.

There are a lot of items that one can import but as always, there are some which we cannot. Example: Fake signature items, replicas/copy, etc.
It would be best to call us and inquire about the item you want to import.

No. We take care of shipping and clearance of your imported items. Actually you only pay us once you receive your items. NO PAYMENT will be collected until you receive your items/cargo which is why we do our best to get your items to you.

No. We take care of shipping and clearance of your imported items. Actually you only pay us once you receive your items. NO PAYMENT will be collected until you receive your items/cargo which is why we do our best to get your items to you.

If you will be shipping in huge quantities with heavy weight and high value, it will be best to use our service as we can assure you that whatever rate you can get from these shipping companies are definitely higher than what we offer. On top of that, there will be a great chance that you will have to clear the items in customs yourself if the quantity is great with a high value. Customs clearing is no joke especially if you are not a licensed importer without the valid permits associated with it. Sure you can clear your items if you’re willing to spend 2-3 times more than what it’s worth. – Believe us it is often the case.
However, if they can clear your items, you still have to pay separate for your customs taxes and duties.

If you have used their service before in shipping and clearing of your items then it would be GREAT as you will already have a point of comparison.

In average it takes about 14 days from the date it leaves our China warehouse. Of course there are times when the items are available for pickup less than 14 days. However, we suggest you give a maximum allowance of 1 month / 30 days because oftentimes there are unforeseeable delays in customs.

We only ship via sea

Payment will only be upon pickup of items here in our office. No items means no payment. This is why we strive and do our best to get your items here.

We would not advise you to use our service. Though we can do a lot for you, we cannot guarantee anything when comes to time constraints. If you still want to use our service, the best thing we could suggest is for you to order or do your purchasing in advance.However, take note that should you ship using a different service (such as FedEx/UPS/DHL/etc.) for your express shipping, they will act as your customs broker and expect to pay high tax and fees. There are also times wherein clearing of items are beyond their control which only means that you have to hire a third party licensed broker (another expensive cost on top of your shipment).

Anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the headache of dealing with importation requirements, documentation, and shipping.

Yes! Of course you can still use our service.There’s a lot of local forwarding or local courier services in our country so we use them to transport the items from here in our Manila warehouse to wherever part of the Philippines it needs to be delivered. Usually we use 2Go, Air21, AP Cargo, JRS, etc. Or we can also ship it to you using whatever local forwarder you prefer, all you have to do is let us know about it and we’ll book the pickup on your behalf. All it needs is a phone call :)

 Yes we can still get them here but not as a loose cargo. We can only accommodate full sized container loads if they are coming from a different country than the ones we usually cater to.