How To Import Goods From Overseas For Your Online Store

How To Import Goods From Overseas For Your Online Store

Importing your products from overseas is the best way to obtain quality products at rock bottom prices. But as with all good things, there are several logistical issues you have to work out in order to be successful.

We will provide a brief overview of what to expect when importing goods from overseas along with some details and tips on how to get your goods shipped directly to your place of business.

What To Consider When Importing

  • Lead Times – Most overseas vendors won’t even begin making your products until you actually place an order and put down a small down payment to cover the cost of materials. – this happens usually in machineries but very seldom in items which can be mass produced. Lead times vary greatly so better consider this when choosing a vendor.
  • Minimum Order Quantity– If you are ordering products to be manufactured overseas, especially in China, expect your chosen supplier to impose their own minimum order quantity (MOQ). Supplier A might need you to order several hundreds of that certain item whereas Supplier B might need you only to order a few pieces of the same item. Always take note that every supplier is different.
  • Payment Terms – Usually this is always prepaid. Suppliers/manufacturers require either the full amount or a certain down payment first before they process your order. – and then the balance to be paid once the order is complete and ready to be delivered.

Preparing For Your Shipment

So you’ve ordered your products and they are finally ready to be shipped to you. What now? There are two main ways to get your goods into your home country, by air and by sea.

Shipping By Air

Shipping your items by air is by far the easiest option but also the most expensive. Expect to pay between 5-6x more to ship by air versus shipping by sea. The express courier (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) will also send you a bill so that you can pay any and all duties associated with your imported goods.

Though this shipping method is fast, take note that if your cargo is for business purposes, you might not want to use this as it is also expensive. And don’t get me started on the taxes and duties!

We recommend this method for small sample items from a supplier before placing a huge order.

Shipping By Sea

This is the best method to get your items here and this is where HBK Global Trading can be of service to you. Our company is working with shipping lines, trucking companies, and Customs brokers so your cargo can be imported here easily with the least cost and hassle on your part.

Once we have your item, all you have to do is to wait for it.

Now why didn’t we mention about required documents? It is simply because once a customer decides to use our service, we will never ask for a single document as we will take care of everything until your item gets to you.

Sounds simple enough? Because this is how we want our service to be.

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    Is food supplements such as probiotics and colostrum can be shipped through your company warehouse?

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