Importation process requirements in the Philippines

Importation process requirements in the Philippines

If you are in the Philippines and you may need cargo shipping services to transport your household goods and other personal items. It is helpful to get some advice on important requirement before cargo shipping to the Philippines. Getting professional help from a reliable company to help you ship your products to the Philippines is an ideal way for you to save on time and money.

As a general rule, Importation requirements in the Philippines are subject to customs duties and taxes unless there is a specific legal basis for exemption from duties and/or taxes. These guidelines explain those circumstances, and the procedures which must be followed

All imported articles invite import taxes, even those having been previously exported (except special mention envisaged in the Tariff and Customs Code or another regulation). The entry form must be filled in at the Customs Office in the 30 days following the unloading of the last package, failing to do which amounts to abandonment of the goods and ipso facto confiscation of the cargo. Indeed a tiring and tedious process for businesses. A lot of companies nowadays turn to third party help to make it easier for them to bring to the Philippines.

Import documents required for shipments to the Philippines include:

• Commercial invoice/Pro forma invoice;

• Bill of lading (for sea freight) or air waybill (for air freight);

• Certificate of origin (if requested);

• Packing list;

• Special certificates/import clearance/permit depending on the nature of goods being shipped and/or requested by the importer/bank;

• Commercial Invoice of Returned Philippine Goods.

• and many more…

There is a lot to think about as you prepare to for international cargo shipping to the Philippines. A professional logistics company can guide you every step of the way. Knowing some of the key rules and regulations about shipping to the Philippines is the first step in getting ready for your overseas move.

With professional help from reliable companies like HBK Global Trading, you save on time and money and assured of fast way to ship products to the Philippines.

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