Metro Manila truck ban and other issues…

Metro Manila truck ban and other issues…

This second quarter has been troublesome for everyone in business which involves trucking and the Metro Manila port as these two go together. The ports are so congested to a point that releasing of containers are now in a “last in first out basis” when it should be the other way around. But since we’re left with no other choice then we have to succumb to the necessary.
Second issue is the LTFRB implementing some plate number scheme which means on top of the truck ban, even lesser trucks would be able to ply the roads of Metro Manila as they need to upgrade their current green plates to a yellow plate. As you see, these trucks have been in service for quite some time having a green plate. My only assumption is that they were not required to have yellow plates before or they’re just trying to circumvent the requirement. Either way, trucks on the road will lessen for quite a while until the time they’re able to comply with what is needed.

So there you go, congested ports, truck ban, LTFRB issue all rolled into one. This means a whole lot of delay for all of us.

For your quick reference, we have gathered a few articles here regarding our current condition:

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We used to have a delivery of 5 – 6 containers per day but now we’re lucky to get half of this quantity in a day. So now you might ask, what happened to the rest!? Maybe a little imagination might help :-)

Last but not the least, we do apologize for all of our clients out there waiting for their cargoes as these are things way beyond our control, let’s just be happy customs is not involved in this whole fiasco.




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