Shipping delays due to truck ban

Shipping delays due to truck ban

Some of us aren’t aware of this issue at all especially if trucking services isn’t used in their everyday operation. Unfortunately for us and many businesses out there, we rely heavily on trucking service.

The normal shipping lead time we have from China til the item gets to our client is 2 – 3 weeks. A common question we get is, how much of the delay was added from the normal lead time. Well, I guess you could base your assumption on the statement below which I’ve taken from a news article to which I will also include the link to. I’d have to say that I fully agree with his statement as the figure he’s given is fairly accurate.

“Before the truck ban, it used to take an average of two to three days to unload goods from ships at Manila’s ports.”

“Now it’s up to two to four weeks to get their goods brought down to the port,”


From 2-3 days to 2-4 weeks! Don’t forget, it’s just the unloading process.

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