Why it is better to use HBK Global Trading than Balikbayan box forwarders

Why it is better to use HBK Global Trading than Balikbayan box forwarders

The yuletide season is fast approaching and it is a well-known fact that most if not majority of Overseas Workers who works China will soon be thinking about sending a huge box of imported goods for their loved ones. In just a few months, we’re in that time of year again.

Despite the insights of Newspapers, magazines and even broadcast media on increasing number of issues and anomalies concerning inspection of these boxes in the Bureau of Customs, we are still positive that the Filipino value of being generous will still push through and lots of the so called “Heroes of the Millennium” or simply the Overseas Filipino Workers will still avail shipping services.

Below are the limitations for someone who will send using Balikbayan boxes:

  • Total items should fit in provided box
  • Quantity of a certain item should be enough for personal use only as commercial quantities are now prohibited
  • Commercial items are not allowed such as big machines, etc.
  • As for the value, they’re a bit flexible on this one but Philippine Customs guideline is only up to $500

With HBK Global Trading, all of these limitations are not applicable as we cater mostly to small and medium sized businesses. Of course we can handle personal items as well.

However, always remember never to include weapons, fakes, drugs, porn and gambling items in your box(es) as we do not in any way allow them.


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  • Kim Kenneth Reply

    I’m planning to import Poly urethane foams for shoes, it will cost roughly $1-1.40 per pair. How much will the shipping cost if I will purchase 4,000 pair

    August 7, 2017 at 10:41 am

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